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He took a few of the tunes that we had recorded along with him and played them for Hot Licks President, Arlen Roth.

September 27 We Love Budapest A Mika Kert ben még egy kopár parkoló volt, ahol Guszti bácsi vigyázott az autókra és nekünk ehhez semmi közünk nem volt.

Arlen liked the tracks and gave me a call to see if I would be interested in doing a video. The story of making this video is something that I will never forget.

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I nirvana fogyás el cajon scheduled to film on a Saturday. A drummer was in to film his video on Friday, and did not quite finish everything, and so he had to come back in to finish up on Saturday morning.

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He finally finished at p. We now had a big problem in that I was returning home on this evening, and the last train home out of New York City was leaving at p. So, Arlen and I sat down for about five minutes trying to decide whether we should go for it or forget it and reschedule.

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At one point we had decided to reschedule, but then we decided to go for it. We had to leave at 8 p.

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What were we thinking? We had to be crazy to try this.

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Luckily, as usual, I had come extremely prepared and well rehearsed. The first 55 minutes of the video is totally live with absolutely no stops.

Jo magasak a gamer szek arak, de megeri vagy sem? A statusz szimbolumma valt chesterfield bor butorokkal szemben tamasztott elvarasoknak megfeleloen, a forgalmazott bor ulogarnitura, bor kanape, bor fotel, haloszobabutor, szek kivalo minosegu olasz marhaborbol keszult, teljes mertekben kezzel keszitett, tartos, egyedi

About 55 minutes into the taping, I made a mistake, and we had to stop once and continue for the last 5 minutes. The entire video was done with one stop. There was a big clock on the wall, and if you watch the video, you can see me looking over at the clock a few times.

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I had done an hour-long video in one hour and nem danabol ds éget zsírt minutes. We immediately left the film studio and hurried to the train station where I got on my train as it was leaving.

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Amazingly, we had pulled it off. This video was Hot Licks" biggest seller for years.

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I have gotton so much positive feedback from players about this, that it astonishes me. I am really glad that I could be an inspiration to so many guitarists.

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